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New Era University College owes its existence to the Chinese community in Malaysia and its multicultural heritage. Established in 1998 as a community college with the unstinting financial, intellectual and emotional support of all walks of life of Malaysian Chinese society, New Era was upgraded to university college status by the Ministry of Higher Education on 29th December 2016. We are now ready and able to play an even bigger role as a provider of quality community-oriented tertiary education to serve the needs, not just of the community, but of the nation.

Our university college currently has three faculties: Arts & Social Science, Media and Creative Arts, and Business and Information Technology, with altogether nine departments: Chinese Language & Literature, Guidance & Counselling Psychology, Education, Media Studies, Art & Design, Drama & Visuals, Business Studies, Finance & Accounting, and Computer Science & Information Technology.

A Graduate School offering Master’s and PhD programmes in Chinese Studies, ASEAN studies, Education, Business Studies and Fine Arts is being established. The student body includes Malaysians of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, as well as international students.

It is our aim to acquire full university status within the next five years. The transformation from college to university will see us embracing global standards of academic excellence, while retaining our historical roots in service to the community and nation.

The beginning

The idea of setting up New Era College came at a time when there was a desire among individuals and institutions to offer more opportunities for higher education to a growing number of college-age young men and women. Places were then limited in the public universities and studying overseas was expensive. Furthermore there were no tertiary educational institutions for those from the Chinese medium schools. Out of this concern, the Dong Jiao Zhong, the Chinese education movement in Malaysia, moved to set up a private university.

In 1994 the Dong Jiao Zhong registered a company called the Dong Jiao Zhong Higher Learning Centre Bhd. On 27 August that year the company applied for the establishment of New Era College. On 28 May 1997 the Ministry of Education gave its approval and on 28 October the same year New Era College was registered with the Selangor Education Department.

The campus for the new college was the site intended earlier for the proposed Universiti Merdeka. The land was previously occupied by the former Kajang Hua Qiao School. On 1 October 198, the Hua Qiao School Trustees Board, formed by eight registered Chinese associations in Kajang, donated the land to Universiti Merdeka Sdn Bhd to establish a Chinese tertiary educational institution. Universiti Merdeka Sdn Bhd in turn passed the land over to the Dong Jiao Zhong Higher Learning Centre Bhd. The first building completed on this piece of land was the administration building of Dong Jiao Zhong (United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia) which was declared open on 19 December 1993.

On 1 March 1998, New Era College accepted its first intake of 148 students. The new students commenced their tertiary studies in courses delivered by the Department of Business Studies, the Department of Information Technology and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature.

The Chinese community welcomed the setting up of New Era College and responded enthusiastically by forming committees all over the country to raise money for the new institution. Many of them saw New Era as the tertiary apex of an education system where Chinese is the main medium of instruction. Men and women from all backgrounds gave generously to the building fund. Through these efforts led by the Dong Jiao Zhong, an academic block and a hostel block were completed by the end of 2001. In 2001, the Penang and Perak Working Committees were formed under the New Era College Building and Development Fund to coordinate fund-raising efforts in the northern states. Driven by the same vision to have a tertiary educational institution for the community, they joined forces with the southern states in Malaysia, in raising money for the cause.

In its first years, New Era offered franchised programmes from several overseas universities such as Gloucestershire University, United Kingdom and Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Students could do the entire Gloucestershire University degree in New Era or an additional year in New Zealand for the Victoria University degree. The programmes offered by the two overseas universities were Bachelor in Business Administration and the Bachelor of Finance and Accounting. Similar credit transfer arrangements were made with several Taiwan universities in Media, Psychology and Counselling, and Chinese language studies.

Becoming a university college

On 29 December 2016 New Era was upgraded to University College status by the Ministry of Higher Education. This upgrading allows New Era University College to confer its own degrees and post-graduate degrees. Three faculties were thereupon formed out of existing departments and entrusted to develop and introduce new degree courses. At the same time diploma courses continued to be offered. These diploma courses while preparing graduates for a working career also serve as a pathway to degree courses in New Era and in partner overseas universities.

Following its upgrading Dr Mok Soon Chong became Vice-Chancellor and Prof Voon Phin Keong and Prof Lee Kam Hing were appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellors. In October 2018 the Graduate School was set up under the leadership of Prof Diana Wong. The Graduate School presently offers a Ph.D in Education by research programme.

 New Era continues to be a non-profit making institution. The fees it charges are therefore very affordable. At the same time, it provides a large number of scholarships and fee waivers to deserving students. To encourage the further growth of a more multi-ethnic student body, New Era extends scholarships to groups less represented.

New Era soon gained a reputation for its commitment to research. It has the Tan Lark Sye Research Centre which funds research especially on Chinese society and culture. The centre has since expanded its research on the wider society.

In this commitment to quality teaching and research, the Tan Lark Sye Library plays an important part. Over the years the library has become one of the largest among private universities in the country with a collection of nearly 200,000 books. This includes books donated by individuals, the most recent being the Yong Ching Fatt Collection. Perhaps most noteworthy, New Era has the largest collection of Chinese titles in the country. The library is open for use to members of the public.

Since 2012 New Era publishes two academic journals. They are the Malaysian Journal of Chinese Studies which is in English and the Malaysian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences which is in Chinese. The two journals have an international circulation and attract contributions from both local and overseas scholars.

HIStory timeline

  • 28 May 1997

    New Era College is approved by the Ministry of Education.

  • 1 March 1998

    New Era College Officially Opens.

    1st Principal, Dr Ang Tian Tse (1998-Sep30, 2000)

    First intake of 148 students begin their courses
    under three departments:
    Department of Business Studies
    Department of Information Technology
    Department of Chinese Language and Literature.

    Classes were conducted in containers in the early years. Even as funds were being raised for the other two blocks, education remained the top priority.

  • 2001

    Department of Media Studies is formed

    Offering Associate Degree in Media Studies.

    2nd Principal, Dr Kua Kia Soong  (Oct 1, 2000 - Dec 31, 2008)

  • 2002


    21 July, 2002:
    Offical opening of hostel (Block C) and academic (Block B) blocks.
    Campus facilities include computer labs, classrooms and lecture hall, a 600-seater auditorium, a cafeteria, and an outdoor performance / speakers area adoringly called ‘Empty Space’.

    Diploma in Counselling and Guidance is launched under external programmes department. It is the first Chinese-medium course in Counselling and Guidance offered at tertiary level in Malaysia.

    Department of Art and Design is formed offering:
      Associate Degree in Visual Arts
      Associate Degree in Visual Communication
      Associate Degree in Interior Architecture

    Kajang Observer (publication under Media Studies) is launched.

    New Era’s Academic Research Centre is set up

    Community service is made a compulsory 1-credit course for all students. This shows the seriousness in the College’s belief in holistic education.

  • 2003

    Library and Ceramic Workshop

    Library is centrally relocated to existing carpark floors. It has one of the best-stocked Chinese Language collection in the country.

    Art & Design Ceramic Workshop opens.

  • 2005

    Breadth and Depth

    As the College continues to provide new facilities, new departments are also set up. The succeeding years are invested into strengthenig the various programmes' syllabus to be in line with MQA.

    Department of Drama and Visuals is launched offering Diploma in Drama and Visuals.

    Department of Education is launced offering Diploma in Education.

    Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design is launched under the Department of Art & Design.

    Counselling Centre opens on Block C, 2nd floor. It shows The College's commitment to students' well-being.

  • 2006

    Department of Guidance and Counselling Psychology is launched.

  • 2009

    Upgrade of Diploma in Counselling and Guidance Psychology

    Existing Diploma in Counselling and Guidance Psychology is officially upgraded to (2+2) B.A. in Guidance and Counselling Psychology.

    3rd Principal, Dr Pua Eng Chong (Jan15, 2009-Dec 31, 2011)

  • 2010

    Seven Departments One Vision

    Work on achieving University College gathers momentum.

    Department of Business and IT
    Foundation in Business
    Diploma in Business Administration
    Diploma in Accounting
    Diploma in Information Technology
    Diploma in Web Development Technology
    Certificate in Business Information Technology

    Department of Chinese Language and Literature
    B.A. Chinese Language and Literature
    Foundation in Chinese Communication
    Certificate in Humanities and Social Sciences

    Department of Media Studies
    B.A. Radio & TV (2+2)
    B.A. Advertising & Promotion (2+2)
    B.A. Journalism (2+2)
    Diploma in Media Studies

    Department of Art and Design
    Diploma in Visual Arts
    Diploma in Graphic Design
    Diploma in Interior Design
    Diploma in Fashion & Textile Design

    Department Of Drama and Visuals
    Diploma in Drama & Visuals

    Department of Education
    Diploma in Early Childhood Education
    Diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

    Department Of Guidance And Counselling Psychology
    B.A. Guidance & Counselling Psychology (2+2)

  • 2012

    4th Principal & 1st Vice-Chancellor, Dr Mok Soon Chong (Since Jan 1, 2012)

  • 2014

    Tan Lark Sye Library

    Library sets up Fang Xiu collection & a new resource centre for Nanyang University, Singapore.
    It is also renamed Tan Lark Sye Library.

  • 2017

    University College Status

    New Era College is officially upgraded to New Era University College on Jan 10, 2017 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

    April 8, 2017
    The launching of homegrown Degree programmes.


Our Vision

A premier community-funded tertiary education institution

Our Mission

To nurture holistic, cultured, competent and professional leaders who lead socially responsible lives and add value to the development of the nation

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Three flags flying high Symbolises being proactive, progressive, improvement oriented, optimistic, respectful and open-minded.
Three strong and bright colours (yellow, red, blue) The number three represents pluralism. The combination of  primary colours symbolises the spirit of pluralism and democratic dynamism.
Abstract representation of “E” Represents a new “ERA”.
  Abstract representation of “N” Represents an abbreviation of “New Era”
“N” made up of three plane surfaces supporting the three flags Symbolises the Spirit of Freedom; Independent and Critical Thinking & an Era of Pluralism.


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Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Development)

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Dr. MOK Soon Chong
Vice-Chancellor of New Era Unversity College

"I will use this inaugural message to address a few outstanding issues in the path towards Chinese higher education in Malaysia..."

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Faculty of Business & Information Technology
Department of Business Studies
Department of Computer Science & Information Technology
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Department of Chinese Language & Literature
Department of Education
Department of Guidance & Counselling Psychology
Faculty of Media & Creative Arts
Department of Media Studies
Department of Drama & Visuals
Department of Art & Design 


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Administration Unit

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